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Making a Post

Well to commemorate the creation of my site, I have decided to make my maiden post a post about how to make a post. Creating a post is an important feature of any blog allowing the creator of the blog to put out content for their target audience. If you do not already have a blog and are trying to get content out there, what are you doing? Go set up a blog and come back to find out how to make your first post!

Once you have your blog set up and configured to your liking, navigate over to your website (you’ll have to be logged into your website to do this) where you’ll be greeted with a pop-up bar on the top of your screen that should look something like this.

Here we see a number of options. Hovering over to “Grimmie’s Blog” we will be taken to various parts of the dash. The “Customize” option allows us to customize various parts of the site (hence the name). Next to that, we can see an icon that shows us the number of comments on our site. Finally, on the FAR (courtesy of Perfect Rain) right we have a plus icon with the word “New” right next to it. Click on this icon and we will be directed to a page where you can create a post. Now that you are on this page you are free to create a post however you like.

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